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The colors of the images here are made using a camera, not a computer.
I started off using Canon AE-1 camera and slide film, on manual settings. I still use a very simple camera today and do my best to avoid the distractions of equipment.  Many of the images are made in my back yard in Appleton, Maine and various gardens along the East Coast. Any of the perceived "effects" have been done "in camera" -- double exposures, long blurred exposures, etc.
I'm often asked if I created the color, design, effect on my computer. My computer is only a tool for bringing the art to the viewer. I do not use it to manipulate the image beyond what I saw in the field - I do not add or subtract major elements, create new colors. 
I intentionally use a very shallow area of focus, "depth of field", so that my images feel more dreamy. Sometimes, there isn't a bit in focus. My intention is to show you a world full of beauty, color, and design often hidden within the small landscape of a flower or leaf, in hopes that you might look more deeply at such things when you next see a bud or bloom. 
Below is some additional information about me. And, I hope you will know a lot about me just from my images. Thank you for visiting. 
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